Monday, January 27, 2014

Risky Weather Again

This is the winter that just won't quit being so....overly wintery.  We're home again on a frigid day.  All of Minnesota is looking forward to Wednesday when it will be 20 degrees.....above zero.  Today I gave the kids chore lists.  They are playing the board game Risk.  I made homemade bread (well from the bread machine).  Bedding is getting washed.  Floors mopped. Furniture dusted.  We're getting a little stir crazy around here.

And yet even with the blustery wind outside, that makes travel ill-advised and nose hairs freeze on contact, we are warm and cozy in our house.  Doing life.  Being together.  Staying safe.

And I count my gifts.
#1080. taco lunch at my house
1081. calmness even in distress
1082. the music of Jj Heller, which I've just discovered
1083. a pint of ice cream I hid away in the freezer
1084. the Lord's giving me strength and peace   Psalm 29:11
1085. a responsibility opportunity for Emma
1086. a treat at work
1087. pictures drawn for me by students
1088. great Bible study conversation
1089. opportunity for some consistent work days
1090. warm enough weather for a walk outside
1091. knowing about school closings in advance
1092. the kids getting their chore lists done


Ginger said...

You know it's cold when Southerners are standing outside in 30* weather and saying, "It's not so bad out; the wind's not blowing!" ;)
I love your list!

Nicole Gepson said...

Yep! 30 degrees with no wind sounds like shorts weather to me right about now. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Dad said...

It does appear that the 4 day weekend is over. Thank you for joining us today at Unhinged Pizza...a rare lunch treat for myself to be eating with a good portion of my family.