Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Using My Clothesline

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Yesterday I hung clothes out on my clothesline.  It's one of those retractable clotheslines that attaches to the house and then pulls out to attach to a hook.  At our first house it attached next to the garage on a pole that was very easily incorporated into some landscaping that we added.  Along with regular laundry, I used to hang cloth diapers out there to dry.  When we moved to our second house there was no good place for it.  Mostly because we didn't really want a pole just sort randomly placed in the yard and there wasn't a garage or shed close enough like there was at the first house.  Pete was able to rig something up so that it was attached to a board under the deck and pulled out to a tree.  It was very picturesque when in use, but more than once I discovered bird poop on what were supposed to be clean, dry clothes.   At this house, my original plan was to put a pole next to some evergreen trees so that the pole itself was not an eyesore, and yet it was not directly under a tree that would have birds in it.  I'm glad we didn't go right ahead with that plan because, as it turned out, that very place was some sort of bird fly over zone.  Bunches of birds would fly over our yard in that particular spot and, of course, poop.  There would literally be a pathway of poop angling across the yard and driveway.  Well that wasn't going to work.  What we settled on was that backyard.  Pete attached the clothesline to the house and the hook to the side of the swing set.  I used it yesterday and it worked perfectly.  The plus side of it being there is that it's completely hidden from the view of any of our neighbors.  I love the homey feeling of hanging clothes out on the line.

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