Monday, July 22, 2013

A Great Weekend at Camp (and 1,000 Gifts)

This past weekend my daughter went to camp for the first time.  It was only for a weekend.  You should have heard her excitement from the back seat as we neared the camp.  I was a bit worried about what she would do when it was time for me to leave.  There was a tiny bit of "don't go".  But then she waved goodbye and said "See ya Sunday" and walked into her cabin.  And I had nothing but good reports when I picked her up.  She was a happy girl and it was harder to get her to leave camp than it was to get her to stay.


I'm so thankful that it was a good weekend for her.  It fostered some independence and gave her some confidence that she can handle things.  My list of thanks continues to grow:

#587. the right shade of blue paint
588. inexpensive tennis shoes for camp
589. steak for supper grilled by my husband
590. fresh corn on the cob
591. central air conditioning
592. pull out couches for sleepovers
593. an afternoon movie
594. spray paint
595. flip flops
596. my piano
597. Pandora on my phone
598. figuring out the lyrics to a song
599. an easy camp goodbye
600. a relaxing evening at the hotel
601. lots of pillows
602. beautiful blue skies
603. paths along the lake
604. a mini golf hole in one
605. camp songs in chapel
606. a positive report from camp
607. a safe drive home

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