Monday, March 25, 2013

We Watch Basketball, For Now Anyway

My husband and son have been watching a lot of basketball on t.v. lately.  Filled out brackets, updating brackets, all of a sudden caring who wins and loses.  The whole rest of the year neither one of them cares about basketball.  Jack will say he does, but he doesn't pay attention to any of it.  It's all about the brackets for him right now.  I couldn't possibly care less other than it's fun to watch them share this once-a-year interest together.  Jack even has an app on his iPod so he can watch games.  Basketball is definitely not a game I particularly like to watch.  My experiences in grade school playing basketball are less than fond memories.  I hated it.  Mostly because I thought I was no good at it.  I am not athletically inclined.  I am not very competitive.  I don't really like to run.  I was so relieved when I didn't have to play anymore.  Now I suppose if Jack liked it well enough to play on the school team, I would go and watch and cheer and all of that.  But it suits me just fine that he doesn't play basketball.  I've settled into the role of baseball mom.  And band mom (and wife).  And this past fall and maybe more falls to come, I am football mom.  I will say that the nice thing about watching basketball is that it's played inside.  Football weather starts off nice, but by the end those games are freezing cold and even a bit snowy.  Baseball weather starts off cold and windy and rainy, but turns into a beautiful summer season.  I don't know if Jack will always be interested in playing football and baseball.  But I do have a feeling he will always be interested in scores and stats, rankings and brackets.  I'll have to check with his brackets to see who I supposed to want to win next.  And good luck to anyone else who has filled out a bracket.

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