Thursday, March 21, 2013

This 'n That

Because of our snow day  on Monday, the high school band concert was rescheduled for tonight.  I went in today for one last rehearsal on the piece I'm playing piano on.  A beautiful piece of music.  But I also kept my daughter home sick today with a fever and a cold.  In fact, right now she's sleeping on the couch.  My children never fall asleep during the day.  She'll have to miss swimming lessons tonight.  At least she hasn't thrown up.  That's usually what she does that causes her to have to stay home.  BUT I work tomorrow and I REALLY don't want to have to call in for a sub.  In fact, even though I'm going to work in the same classroom I always work in on Friday mornings (my regular preschool gig), I'm sliding into the role of the teacher.  The regular teacher will be helping with preschool screening, and since I can sub as a teacher I take over for her and there is a sub that comes in to take my usual spot.  Just a shifting of personnel.  In the afternoon I will be joining the preschool screening crew to help with vision and hearing screening.  There have been so many sub situations in our classroom lately.  I really don't want to add to the busyness or stress of the day but calling in with my own sub needs.  This is why I am really, really hoping that Emma will feel better by tomorrow morning.
Jack is at his first school baseball practice today.  Of course with all the snow on the ground, practice is indoors and will be for a while probably.  The news loves to point out often that last year at this time our temperatures were in the 70's.  That is way warmer than a usual Minnesota March, but this year it's colder than normal.  And there's so much snow still.  Our students were all talking about how wintery it still is even though it's officially spring.  I really hope the weather starts changing for the better real soon.
I am finished playing piano for our church's Wednesday night services.  I enjoyed it.  The only part that was a bit of a hassle was getting together with each week's singers for the offering song.  I sort of expected the singers to get in touch with me regarding finding times to rehearse, but I had to make the initial contact with each one.  It worked out fine in the end and rehearsal times were usually pretty easy to schedule.
Jack's annual allergist appointment is coming up.  Our allergist is 3 and a half hours away from now since our latest move.  I feel like I should probably start coming up with a list of questions for her.  But honestly, I guess I can't think of anything.  We'll keep on keeping on probably.  He takes drop under the tongue (sublingual immunotherapy) for peanuts, and has other drops to treat seasonal allergies and an allergy to cats.  He'll probably undergo another skin prick test.  Since his blood test last time showed decreasing numbers regarding his peanut allergy (first time in several years), we will be upping the dose of peanut that he gets in the drop.  One question I want to ask is how much peanut he actually gets in the drops.  I've never actually asked that.  Since the allergist is so far, we will go to a hotel the night before.  Last year I had to go by myself since we ended up having school that day.  This year my husband will get to join us.
I've gotten the chance to hold a new baby a few times lately.  It's so amazing, holding a new baby. I enjoy it every chance I get.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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