Friday, March 1, 2013

February Thanks

Sometimes I don't feel very thankful.  Of course I have lots to be thankful for.  But some days become pretty ho hum, mundane, unexciting.  It's those days that's is hard for my heart to really feel that thanks in my heart.  I can say in my head and out loud that I am thankful.  And I am.  But you know....there are times when your heart is practically bursting with the thankfulness.  And other times when you're just....kind of there.  I'm still counting up my thanks, though.  Writing them down when I think of it, following the prompts by Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience.  Here is my list of February thanks:

#94. our red accent wall
95. Valentine decorations
96. a can of Coca Cola
97. a new book from the library
98. my favorite piano music
99. a to-do list all crossed off
100. upcoming events listed in the church bulletin that Jack is really looking forward to
101. a $5.00 coupon
102. choir music
103. hugs from kids
104. God's hand lifting my up
105. new perspective
106. a soft blanket to snuggle under
107. our house
108. our family woven together over time
109. Sun dogs--God's rainbow of promise even in winter
110. fresh snow
111. clear roads
112. lunch
113. an afternoon nap
114. help with the dishes
115. a puff ball that used to be part of a winter hat
116. a broken wrist fixed to heal
117. clothing handed down to us when the kids were little
118. a card and candy from my mom
119. an email checking in with me
120. an understanding boss
121. the kids enjoying time with friends
122. Jack and Pete watching Duck Dynasty and laughing together
123. preschoolers playing with the parachute
124. a two hour late start from school
125. a clean and welcoming home
126. a normal work day
127. surgery to fix things
128. the difficulty of a soon-to-be teenager figuring life out
129. the feeling in my heart knowing that a loved is being stretched
130. friends living downstairs from us
131. full cupboards
132. a good and easy doctor appoinment
133. God's word
134. Praises and music
135. that I have everything I need
136. saying goodbye to something negative in life
137. that my boss was able to find a sub for me
138. Emma's character costume working out so well
139. shadows of the trees on the snow
140. that I am sheltered in the shadow of His wings
141. shadow puppets
142. Jack's helping out at Feed My Starving Children
143. Playing piano for Wednesday night church
144. Helping out family and friends
145. Seeing Jack in the paper
146. Valentine cards from students
147. a good book
148. getting to surprise Emma by picking her up from school
149. the ability to easily stay home when my children are sick
150. Pete getting to go to Nebraska to see a special person get a great award
151. breakfast in my bed
152. Lunch with my dad
153. tortilla soup from the crock pot
154. very pretty, sparkly snow
155. my washer and dryer and fresh clean clothes
156. my car and the money to pay for gas
157. friends becoming parents for the first time
158. a new path chosen
159. a fun time of subbing
160. opening a can of pop
161. my kitchen windows
162. all my awesome cabinets
163. a wonderful classroom assistant
164. sleeping in
165. a hot shower
166. piano books falling apart from use
167. new carpet
168. a stick turned into a costume prop
169. Jack's trumpet accomplishment
170. Emma's sweet spirit and tender heart
171. our church
172. salt that cuts through the ice
173. tears that teach and heal
174. the death that Jesus conquered
175. God's proven faithfulness
176. monetary gifts
177. education
178. a quiet day after a bunch of busy ones
179. cupcakes with lots of frosting
180. cleaned out cupboards

Check out the Joy Dare to join in and write down 3 things a day that you are thankful for.  You can find her on facebook and at her site, A Holy Experience.

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