Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Out Patient

Today I was at the hospital all day for an outpatient procedure.  I won't get into what it was.  I was kind of nervous because I'd never had to have any kind of surgery before.  Thankfully there was no cutting involved in this. I got to say that the staff at our local hospital is totally terrific.  Everyone explained everything along the way, made sure I was comfortable asking questions,  even lead to the bathroom several times since I was attached to an IV.  I'm also really loving the medial advancements that created the deep sedation that kept me from even knowing what was going on.  And I felt no pain.  Yay!  Another anxiety for me.  I do have some pain medication at home now and I'm going to follow their directions exactly.  I really don't like pain.   I also got an anti-nausea patch put behind my ear to help with any post-anesthesia nausea. I feel like I was taken very good care of!  Now I'm just going to hang low for a few days.  Let the healing begin!

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