Friday, February 15, 2013

A Good Day

I got to go to work today.  It started with a Valentine's party with my preschool class. Painting, frosting cookies, getting's all good.  Though I gotta say I felt almost a little out of place.  I work with this class every Tuesday and Friday morning, but when you miss a Friday and then a Tuesday, it gets to a be long time since I've seen them.  After preschool I walked down the hall to sub in kindergarten.  It was Winterfest today.  So shortly after my afternoon started, we boarded a bus to head to the upper elementary school for some fun on the ice.  They reassured us that there was a good 16 inches of ice underneath our feet.  The kids had the choice of Broom Ball, Hockey, Kickball, sledding, skating, and ice fishing.  Unfortunately this was the coldest day of the week so far.  Our play time was shortened because of the temperature, but it was still a great time for the kids.  Even though we live in Minnesota, a lot of kids don't experience those kind of winter activities.    I had a good day because I got to work.  I got to get out of the house and be with people.  It was nice.  And now I'm looking forward to my husband coming home from his convention in the cities.  He's bringing me food from one of our favorite restaurants:  Dancing Ganesha.  If you're ever in downtown Minneapolis, I highly recommend it!

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