Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Great Conference Night

Tonight was Jack's parent-teacher conferences.  I did my parental duty and went to them.  I did not think there would be any concerns.  In fact, if I'm being completely truthful, it gives me pleasure to be able to go to conferences and hear so many great things about my son.  Also, being truthful, I'll say that I've been so very thankful that school has come easy for my kids.  Homework struggles do not happen here at our house.  I've never had to be reminding Jack to get things done.  He just does it.  It comes easily for him.  So thankful for that.  Two of the teachers tonight told me that they were confident that no matter what Jack decides to do with his life, he will be successful.  Those are such great words to hear.  Not that I really ever doubted that, but it's always so nice to hear that from the other people in your kid's life as well.  Course, I didn't go to his band teacher's room.  I figured I could have a private conference with him at a later time. ;)

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